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Aims and Scopes:

Founded in 2008 Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences is a rapidly growing medical journal. Currently, AJMS is published quarterly. This journal is a common forum for publishing original research papers, case reports and review articles in all the fields of medical sciences. All medical areas are considered for publication including animal pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, toxicology, teratology and clinical trials. The Editorial Board and its advisory board consists of eminent scientists from India and abroad. Manuscripts submitted for publication are scientifically reviewed. The basic criterion for acceptance is the scientific merit of the work. All studies should have the approval of a relevant ethics committee. Patients should have been given written informed consent and animal experiments should conform to standard animal treatment guidelines. Details of these requirements should be clearly stated in the Methods section. This Journal is intended to deal with the basic and clinical research on medical science which is suitable for both medical scientists and practitioners. The information and opinions presented in the Journal reflect the views of the authors and not of the Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences or the Editorial Board. The journal cannot be held responsible for any mistake or errors on the part of the authors. The journal (Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences)discourage duplication or reduplication of previously published data in any form. Manuscripts will be reviewed for possible publication with the understanding that they have not been published, simultaneously submitted, or already accepted for publication in other journal. Manuscript decision is based on peer review process. The Editor retains the right to determine the style and if necessary, edit and shorten any material accepted for publication. All submissions must be accompanied by a completed Author’s Declaration Form (vide:http://ajms.alameenmedical.org/ guidelines.aspx), duly signed by all the authors. Manuscript text submitted using Microsoft Word for Windows is preferred. Images should be submitted as JPEG files. There is No any article submission and processing charges for this journal. Corresponding Author will receive one complimentary copy of the issue in which his/her article appeared. AJMS uses the US National Library of Medicine as digital archiving policy.

AJMS is owned by the Al Ameen Charitable Fund Trust, a registered charitable organization and published by Al Ameen Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka, India.

Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences has been collaborated with iMedPub( Internet Medical Publishing) for Spanish language translation of the articles published in AJMS into Archivos de Medicina [ISSN: 19895216].

Editorial Office: Dr. Ashfak Kakeri, MS, Department ENT, Al Ameen Medical College, Bijapur-586108, Karnataka, India